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                  All Broadcast are online and streaming.

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                  $5 CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions)

                  Here are a few more reasons why you should send us an email to started advertising on BCNonline.com

                  • We stream in multiple formats to reach the largest possible audience
                  • BCN Online is a a featured broadcast on the Windows Media Guide Radio Tuner, iTunes and AOL/Time Warner's SHOUTcast.com
                  • Average listening time is 5 1/2 hours
                  • 135,000+ Unique listeners every month with our MP3 Stream
                  • 50,000+ Unique listeners every month with our WMA Streams
                  • Our Listeners are educated, computer users with sufficient disposible income.
                  • We have the largst and most diversified library of comedians and comedy related content on the Internet.

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                    00:30 avails $150 now ONLY $75
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                    Note - All Production is PAID in FULL and owned by the client.
                  • In-Stream Advertising
                  • Interactive Logo Syncronization with direct link to your website or specific URL
                  • PayPal Accepted
                  • Run of Station
                  • We'll Play ANYTHING! - Heck! BCNonline.com is Uncensored and Rated PG-13

                  Please Contact Eric Bergez at
                  advertise@bcnonline.com or call us at 818-800-7898, and we'll get you started with your message immediately!



                  BCNonline.com is the top rated Comedy Radio Network on the Internet. We are the most widely distributed comedy radio network with listeners throughout the world. Tens of thousands of english speaking computer users listen to BCN on a regular basis.

                  • 135,000+ unique listeners every month with our MP3 Streams.
                  • 100,000+ unique listeners every month with our WMA Streams
                  • Top 5 Comedy Broadcaster on Live365 (Another 25,000+ unique listeners every month)
                  • Our listeners are educated computer users with sufficient disposable income.
                  • BCNonline.com captivates its audience for over 5 1/2 hours. Thus, guaranteeing that our listeners will hear your message.
                  • We have the largest and most diversified library of comedians and comedy related content on the Internet.

                  Here are a few reasons why we continue to be one of the worlds top ranked Internet radio networks and remain the number one comedy radio network in the world.

                  • We stream both Windows Media Audio, AAC+ and MP3 broadcasts simultaneously
                  • BCNonline.com is listed as a "Featured Broadcast" on the Windows Media Radio Tuner, iTunes and AOL/Timer Warner's SHOUTcast.com
                  • We average over 300 SSL during our peak broadcasting hours (10:00AM - 2:00PM pst)
                  • Average listening time is 5 1/2 hours


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