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                  BROADCAST UPDATE

                  -- ALL Broadcast ONLINE --

                  Servers Moved and Updated

                  All Broadcast are online and streaming.

                  Network Status

                  Network Status
                  BCN Online Broadcast Status

                  Broadcast Status -- File Server Failure --
                  File Server RAID Failure.   

                  At approximately 12:50 PM PST, our File Server's primary RAID took a hit.  We are in the process of rebuilding the RAID but this process can take some time.  The broadcast will be OFF AIR until the File Server's primary RAID can be rebuilt.

                  Station will be back online once the RAID has been recovered.

                  July 24, 2012

                  Broadcast Status -- New Media Server --
                  SHOUTcast 2 Server Crashing Every Few Days.   

                  Well despite our best efforts to upgrade our broadcast to the latest & greatest release of SHOUTcast 2, it seems that SHOUTcast 2 is not ready for our type of broadcast.  It has come to our attention that the latest 64-bit Linux version of the DNAS has a known bug with complex metadata which causes the server to crash every few days.  This has been driving us crazy as we could not find any specific file or IP address which was causing the crash.

                  We will therefore be forced to switch back to SHOUTcast v1 until this bug is fixed.  The new/old URL's for each stream will be updated on our website.

                  June 27, 2012

                  Broadcast Status --New Media Server--
                  Updated Stream Bitrates!

                  As of March 8, 2012, 12 are updating our primary SHOUTcast & Icecast servers to support both higher bitrates and a larger listening audience to support our new iPhone & Android listeners.  The new 40kbps streams are active as of 1:00 AM this morning and the new server is live and can support 10X the listening audience as before.

                  March 8, 2012

                  Broadcast Status
                  - Colo Facility Failure --
                  Network Failure.  

                  There was a major network failure at our main co-location facility in Los Angeles, CA.  The outage took down 80% of our streams and our website but was fixed by 1:00 AM March 7, 2012.

                  March 6, 2012

                  Broadcast Status -- File Server Failure --
                  Power Outage Crashes Main File Server.  

                  A six hour power failure at our main on-air studio in Los Angeles, CA crashed our primary file server which caused the BCN Online broadcast to go off air for 7 days.  The comedy library was recovered and the broadcast is back online as of January 15, 2012.

                  January 8 - 15, 2012

                  Broadcast Status -- Power Brownouts --
                  Brownouts have been resolved.  

                  We apologize for the interruptions; the electrician has fixed the problem and all is good for now.

                  August 10, 2011


                  Broadcast Status -- Power Brownouts --
                  We are experiencing intermittent problems with our power which is causing brownouts at our main location - this may cause the stream to go down.  

                  We apologize for the interruption and have hired an electrician to help improve our power and avoid these problems in the future.

                  August 08, 2011

                  Broadcast Status -- Network BACK ONLINE--
                  After experiencing major intermittent problems with our wireless broadband service at our main broadcast location, we have switched providers and all streams are back online. 

                  We apologize for the long interruption and are grateful for everyone's patience and support..

                  May 16, 2011

                  Broadcast Status -- Network Failure --
                  We are currently experiencing a problem with our wireless broadband service at our main broadcast location.  This problem has been progressively getting worse, and we have insisted that our service provider TelePacific® fix the issue.  Unfortunately, there seems to be no sense of urgency emanating from TelePacific® customer service so we are forced to look for some alternative solutions. 

                  At this time, we have an intermittent signal and will continue to stream the broadcast when it is stable but drop outs may occur.  We are currently requesting a hard-line be installed at our broadcast location but this may still may take several days before AT&T can install the line.

                  We apologize for the interruptions and hope to have this matter resolved as quickly as possible.

                  April 27 - May 1, 2011


                  On Air Display Feature -- Data Not Correct --

                  We are aware that the data in the Comedy You Are Missing and the Comedian Now Playing are incorrect but this problem is related to the above service interruption.  Once the database's are able to sync, these features will be aligned.

                  April 21, 2011

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