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                  Broadband Comedy Network FAQ

                  BCNonline.com & Joke Donkey FAQ...

                  If the following FAQ does not help answer
                  your question please e-mail us using our
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                  1. How do I cancel my Membership to Joke Donkey?
                  2. How often do you get new content for BCN Online?
                  3. What's all this I hear about the RIAA and the Library of Congress?
                  4. Why can't I hear your streams?
                  5. What happened to BCN RAW?
                  6. Why will you not allow me to download the comedy routines?
                  7. How much material do you have?
                  8. How do I listen to BCN Online on my mobile phone?

                  1) Please select "Unsubscribe" from the Joke Donkey button on the navigation bar above for step by step instructions on how to cancel your membership.

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                  2) We are constantly taking delivery of new CDs and DVDs from comedians and record companies from around the world. We try to upload new content to the database on a regular cycle but sometimes the task does get a bit overwhelming.

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                  3) I work nightly on acquiring the legal rights to all of our content. This is a difficult and never ending task to acquire content for BCN and a very expensive task at that. It is our intention to play only the content that we have the legal right to air. It is my intention that BCN do everything in its power to remain broadcasting for a long time and this means that we must, to the best of our ability, broadcast only the content we have the legal right to air. The RIAA, Broadcasters and Internet Providers along with the Library of Congress are working/fighting together to set forth the rules that apply to Internet Radio and Satellite Radio services. The laws that regulate our industry are changing every month so you'll need to bare with us as our industry still finds it's path.

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                  4) There are a multitude of reasons why your stream has suddenly disconnected or can no longer stream. We have tried to cover several common faults to broadcast disruptions in our HELP section.

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                  5) BCN RAW is dead.  We simply could not justify the cost associated with the service with the small number of subscribers.  If you are fan of BCN Online and love parlor jokes, please join the Joke Donkey so we can keep the broadcast going.

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                  6) We wish we could. We would like to refer you to the answer of question number 2. The legal rights we have purchased do not allow us to provide listeners with downloads of the content. However, this is not what we are trying to accomplish. We are more interested in providing listeners with an enjoyable program that brings them a taste of the classics along with contemporary routines. However, we do have the option to acquire these rights - it just takes money and a good lawyer.

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                  7) We have the legal rebroadcasting rights to over 6300+ comedy bits. Once again, take a look at answer number 2 and you'll understand that this number grows every week.

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                  8) We suggest downloading Joke Donkey from your mobile carriers App Store.  We currently have an iPhone app and Android App available for Joke Donkey Members. However, you may be able to access BCN Online through your web enabled mobile phone through the either the windows media player or Quicktime player installed with your phone. This is done by loading the following URL: http://www.bcnonline.com/bcn01.asx or by simply visiting our website from your web browser.

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